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The Historic Pearl Brewery

If you didn't grow up in Texas and Oklahoma, you probably haven't heard of Pearl Beer. Pearl has a long history, dating back to 1883. Pearl survived prohibition and grew in the 1950's to a market that included 47 states, before it was purchased in the 1970's by what would become Pabst Brewing Company. Pearl is still sold today, though it's brewed in Fort Worth, Texas, not, as might be expected, at the Pearl Brewery in San Antonio.

Although Pearl Brewery doesn't brew Pearl beer, the brewery is experiencing what might be called a renaissance. Thanks to the expansion northward of the Riverwalk, Pearl Brewery and its surrounding neighborhood -- known as southern Midtown -- is a popular gathering place for tourists and locals alike.

The Brewery itself is the main attraction. The restoration has been an ongoing project and today the building's exterior looks much like it did in 1894. The rooftop is its original charcoal color and paint has been stripped from the outside halls to show their natural stone. The interior renovations are not yet complete, so to have a taste of Pearl Beer, you'll want to head to Blue Box Bar or Cured, two bars within walking distance. If you're looking to taste test Texas craft beers, the Blue Box is a fine choice, but you might want to try flights at the Boiler House and The Granary as well.

The area around the brewery hosts a range of attractions, from coffee shops to wine gardens, as well as ice cream parlors, restaurants, and boutiques. On Saturdays and Sundays, local farmers set up a farmers market. Every Wednesday night you can enjoy the Summer Dance Hall Music series, free and open to the public, at the Pearl Stable. The first Thursdays of the month are good time to visit, as well. You can find live music and special deals at your favorite Pearl shops.

Address: 303 Pearl Pkwy #300, San Antonio

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