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Remember The Alamo: Six Things to Do at The Alamo

The Alamo is the shrine of Texas liberty. Less than a five minute walk from our historic hotel in San Antonio, you can see the place where a small group of Texans held The Alamo Mission for thirteen days against General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. The death of The Alamo defenders has come to symbolize courage and sacrifice for the cause of Texas liberty. Check out the top five things you can do when you travel back to historic Texas.

1) Take a tour of The Alamo! You can learn about the 1836 battle, which is one of the most iconic battles in history.

2) Visit The Alamo Shrine, which is the church that is at the heart of The Alamo story. Beautifully decorated, this church was the main church for the Spanish mission but was never completed. During the 1836 Battle, this is where the Texan defenders protected the Alamo against the Mexican troops. Inside, you can see the names of the Alamo defenders, flags representing the nations, and other historical artifacts.

3) Visit the Long Barrack Museum. This long, low building is the oldest building of The Alamo complex. In 1836, this building saw the most brutal fighting of the battle and gives visitors an idea of the size of the mission as it was back in historic San Antonio. Now the building is home to The Alamo Museum and the interpretive exhibit, "The Alamo: A Story Bigger Than Texas."

4) Take an audio tour and hear the story of The Alamo as you wander the beautiful historic grounds. An audio tour with historian Dr. Bruce Winders as your guide will make you an expert on The Alamo in just 45 minutes.

5) Enjoy a picnic in The Alamo Gardens. The urban green oasis is a great place to find a shaded area to cool off, enjoy lunch, and walk and look at tropical and native plants.

The Alamo is open seven days a week, except Christmas and Christmas Eve. After taking a fun trip back to 1836, head back to The Crockett and enjoy a cocktail at Ernie’s. 

Alamo Mission in San Antonio
300 Alamo Plaza, San Antonio, TX, 78205

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