Explore the sights and sounds that Crockett staffers consider among San Antonio's best. From music fests to city-wide celebrations to landmark attractions, these experiences just can't be beat.

Are you brave enough to hand feed a shark?

Are you brave enough to hand feed a shark? How about at a stingray? Or a crocodile? You can test your courage and more at the San Antonio Aquarium, located at 6320 Bandera Road (just 15 minutes away from the Crockett Hotel). Those not interested in putting their hands near the mouths of predators may be more interested in glowing jellyfish, families of seahorses, and the Giant Pacific Octopus. In addition to marine life, the San Antonio Aquarium has rain forest, amphibian, and aviary exhibitions. Most exhibitions provide "touch and learn" opportunities. Those looking for a behind-the-scenes tour will be especially interested in the "Morning Rounds" experience - offered daily from 9:00-9:45 AM - which consists of shadowing a staff member and assisting with water quality testing, maintaining filtration system, and preparing specials meals for the animals.

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