Explore the sights and sounds that Crockett staffers consider among San Antonio's best. From music fests to city-wide celebrations to landmark attractions, these experiences just can't be beat.

Musing Alongside San Antonio's River

There will be an especially large number of reasons to celebrate art and culture in San Antonio this month.

Culture in San Antonio is as diverse as the city’s history. Perhaps no place else features such an eclectic mix of inspiring young artists. Find local talent in the limelight every first Friday of the month, all year round. Participating groups include the city’s flagship non-profit organization, Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum, as well as studios and galleries.

March has been officially designated Contemporary Art Month, when a number of artists and curators, speakers and performances come running out of the woodwork. Hear what the people who make San Antonio come alive have to say through their use of innovative design and visually arresting crafts. Support the creative spirit that continues to thrive in Texas, which you’ll find in the most unlikely of places. It could be the highlight of your family’s Crockett Hotel stay.

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