Explore the sights and sounds that Crockett staffers consider among San Antonio's best. From music fests to city-wide celebrations to landmark attractions, these experiences just can't be beat.

Celebrating 300 Years

From June 15-September 16, The Pearl will be celebrating San Antonio’s 300th anniversary with an event called Ole, San Antonio. All summer long, there will be events and activities that will focus on food and drink, culture and tradition, and Art and Architecture with the end goal of celebrating the city’s Spanish heritage. All of the interesting, entertaining, and informative events and activities take place less than 10 minutes from The Crockett Hotel, so it's worth the short trip to see what the special event of the day is. The entire historic Pearl neighborhood intends to come together with restaurants featuring Spanish cuisine, stores highlighting Spanish themed items, and plenty of activities in Pearl Park. So if you are someone who likes trying new food, learning about different cultures, or simply engaging with the local community, then the events at Ole, San Antonio are the perfect place for you to visit.

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