Because we want you to book with confidence, we guarantee that you will obtain the best rate at The Crockett Hotel by booking directly. Rates can change frequently—if you find a lower published rate, you must contact us promptly by email at Your email should include the following information: your name, Crockett Hotel confirmation number and the other site where the lower rate is available. Incomplete or inaccurate emails will not be taken into account. We will contact you by email within 3 working days. Once the Best Rate Guarantee has been confirmed, a rate match will be made.

Best Rate Guarantee Terms & Conditions

1. It is our intention to offer the lowest available rates on our own website and do everything we can to match another public rate published on other websites.

2. Better rate must be found within 24 hours of the reservation having been confirmed by We offer the best rates as of the booking date, so we can only match the offers available as of the same booking dates.

3. Best Rate Guarantee does not apply to unpublished rates not available to the general public. Unpublished rates include but are not limited to:

  • Membership rates such as AAA or AARP
  • Frequent stay, loyalty or other reward type program
  • Special promotions or packages
  • Wholesale or Opaque rates
  • Group or corporate negotiated rates

4. Room type, check-in / check-out dates, number of guests and service types must be the same with our reservation. Ex. If you have a double room reservation, you cannot compare this rate to a single room rate.

5. Your check-in date must be at least 7 days after the booking date.

6. The website that offers the better rate must offer instant online confirmation. The websites that get back to you with availability later on are not comparable to our site.

7. You must have a confirmed reservation with us (Pending, On-Request and Group Reservations are not covered).